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Zenko is a former user on Miraheze and ShoutWiki. Despite being a good person in reality, she is, or was, one of the most controversial users because of her actions on Miraheze.

Note: This person is extremely sensitive and secretive. Do not add any external links, good/bad qualities, and most importantly, do not dox her. She wants to keep all of her personal information unknown since it is possible that "Zenko" is not even this person's main alias. Also, this page will only focus on what she has done in the past since she has left these sites and their drama for good and has become a much better person.


  1. Because of her bad qualities, Zenko has gained a large hatedom, especially among the Reception Wiki Network on Miraheze. They usually tend to lie and spread misinformation about her, not knowing that her good qualities exist and the good overshadows the bad.
  2. She’s introverted, secretive and sensitive which is possibly the main reason why she acts the way she is. Though it is unknown if it was either her parents, her family or her culture that might have made her behave this way due to keeping herself unknown.
  3. She is a fan of Super Smash Bros, Star Fox, F-Zero, Fire Emblem, Pokémon, and Digimon. But she's against the bad sides of the fandoms.
    1. Her favorite fictional characters are Guntz from Klonoa, Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown (whom she bears a slight resemblance to), Leon from F-Zero X and Karel from Fire Emblem.
  4. Her most hated fictional characters, on the other hand, are Bunga from The Lion Guard, all the original characters in Kingdom Hearts, Sonichu from Chris-Chan's comic of the same name, and Gabby from Gulliver's Travels (1939 film). She tends to hate rip-offs and annoying characters in general. She believes that fictional characters don't have the same rights as people in real life do, and believes that it's not a crime to want her hated characters, notably Bunga, to die.
    1. Besides them, her most hated things are fan crossovers, crossover pairings, pornography, fetishes, AnthroArtCreations (Deviant Art user), Pooh’s Adventures, Disney (the company), The Lion King, The Lion Guard (especially Bunga), and Kingdom Hearts. She seems to be not bothered about games, movies and shows aimed at adults having adult content since she believes that, since these media are made for adults, the adult content are more appropriate there, and she's only against the idea of series aimed at family/children having such content, which could explain why she hates pornographic and fetish-related fanworks about certain kid-friendly series since it is not only inappropriate, but also upsetting to the intended demographic. She is perfectly fine with Fire Emblem having such content, but gets upset when someone draws or write something lewd about a family-friendly series such as the animated film Balto (1995), especially if crossed over with the things she doesn't like.
  5. She's in cahoots with a number of anonymous users who serve as her friends, or "white knights", who defend her against the evils of slander and prevent other users from doxxing her. Thanks to them, she has learned how to use a VPN. It is unknown if they're more than one person or not, since they never give out their information, either.